TT-600 waterproof moving head light

Model Number:TT-600
MOQ:1 piece
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union,Cash
Shipping Terms:EXW, FOB, CIF, FCA, etc
Shipping Methods:By Express, By Air, By Sea
Package Options:Carton, Flight Case

600w waterproof moving head light

Light Source: Original OSRAM lamp(8500K)
Ballast: OSRAM
Life Span: 1500~2000hours

Input Voltage: AC90~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 600W

Luminous Flux: 660000lumen@10m
Beam Angle: 1.2°
Focus: Motorized linear focus
1 Prism Wheel: 1pc 8-facet prism, bidirectionally rotating at variable speed (3-facet or 16-facet prism is optional)
Frost: 1pc frost filter, can achieve soft light effect
Dimmer: 0-100% mechanical dimming, smooth without flicker
Shutter/Strobe: Independently strobe with double motors, 0.5-20 F.P.S, speed adjustable
Lens: Adopt imported multilayer coating lens combination, the diameter of beam aperture is up to 200mm
Projection Distance: Over 1500m in similar parallel light

Pan and Tilt: Adopt high precision three phase motors for pan and tilt, accurate location, smoothly moving, automatic correction location
Pan: 540°rotation, 8/16Bit adjustment
Tilt: 270°rotation, 8/16Bit adjustment

1 Color Wheel: 11pcs colors+open, half color and rainbow effect
1 Rainbow Wheel: Adopt imported 7 colors filters, can project a beam of rainbow effect or multiple beams of rainbow effect

1 Fixed Gobo Wheel: 14pcs fixed metal gobos+open, bidirectionally shaking & flowing at variable speed

Control Mode: DMX512, RDM function(remotely set the address code via a large DMX512 controller), Auto Run, Sound Control, Master\Slave and Manual
DMX Channels: 14/18CH
Lamp Control: Control the lamp on/off via controller

IP Grade: IP65
DMX Connector: 3-pin waterproof signal in and out XLR
Display: 2.8 inch colorful LCD screen with keyboard, 180° inversion
Power Cable: Waterproof power cable

Fixture Material: High hardness heat dissipation aluminum profile, flame-retardant anti-aging high temperature engineering PVC, adopt outdoor imported fine sand spraying technology, anti-uv treatment, anti-aging, high temperature, long service life

Cooling System: Adopt imported fans (Japan), the chip controls the fan speed, the original heat dissipation structure, cooperate with the radiator shell, guarantee the long time outdoor use

Feature: It can be programmed independently via LCD display, master and slave lights are running synchronously without controller operation

Fixture N.W.: 32.5Kg
Packing G.W.: carton: 35.5Kg
Fixture Dimension: L430*W400*H780(mm)
Packing Dimension: carton: L570*W500*H930(mm)

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